Restore My Soul
He leads me beside still waters


cry from the heart

This morning in my (brief) quite time I was drawn to Psalm 23.
As I read it the words
"He restors my soul"
lept out at me.

WOW ! 

what a theme for a web page.

what a clear cry from deep within!

Yes, Lord,
please restore my soul.

You are the restorer of my soul.

see "hear His Voice"  Messages  site.

I came to the realisation my soul needs restoring

I saw  my soul needs restoring .........

it's not only my wounded heart

or my shame and pain

or my trauma

or my memories

my soul needs restoring ..........

How the Lord restores my soul

to be honest
it's like seeing a vision, a promise yet to be worked out

captured by faith

let's start     by what Psalm 23 says and prayerfully wait on the Lord for more insight

He leads me beside still waters
     I have been thinking of the mineral pool, fed by a clear flowing creek and flowing out to a picturesque water fall over the rock face

I've visited these clear waters recently
            my soul is refreshed

Green pastures
      the Lord, my shepherd leads me to green pastures
        nourishing food for the soul  ...

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